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it’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

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Q: Hi I need ur advice! So this summer I met a guy (on the last day tho it seemed it was meant to be) so we has directly a chemistry so he asked my nr and I gave it. We had a very serious talk and we asked eachother the most important questions like age, study/work, family and living place. He is from paris and I'm from Holland but we're both Moroccan. So the day after we've met I came back to holland and he called me so we spoke on the phone and he said he wanted to see me (1)

So we spoke on the phone and I really liked him and I thought he likes me too. We seemed perfect together, same religion, culture interest etc. but he said that he wanted to see me and I said I can’t come to paris cuz my dad is strict and he said I understand then we’ll found out how we’re gonna see eachother. After that day he called me twice but I didn’t see it and he didn’t called anymore maybe he though I ignored him, after 2 weeks I called him (2)

Ican’t call him cuz with my phonesubscription i can’t call outside Holland then i have to pay a lot. after to weeks I called him and that person picked up the phone I said hello but I didn’t hear anything so I cut it offand called again, he pickedup again and I said nothing and then he hang up. I called his moroccan nr but I think he is in paris cuz hehas to work but I don’t know why he doesn’t call me anymoreand it’s so weird when I called that number,would he reallyignore me? What do you think ……………………….My reply: okay hunnie long distance communication can be tough, maybe he’s busy or maybe he thinks he can’t do the long distance thing maybe try texting him and asking him what’s wrong and see if he replies, if he doesnt try calling him again and if that doesn’t work maybe you should just move on because you don’t wanna seem desperate because your not and your worth more than chasing down some guy that doesn’t pay you any attention xx
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I am alone;
I am always alone
No matter what Marilyn Monroe (via sillygirl-noonecares)

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